Saturday, April 26, 2014

happy birthday harry!

photo 2(29)photo 3(22)

so, today harry turned one. it seemed only fitting that he wear his first polo and a pair of chino shorts. i died....because he is the cutest thing ever!

harry got a new book for his birthday. it goes something like this:

we belong together like smitten little mittens
like peanut butter & jelly
like a pencil is drawn to paper
like bacon & eggs every day
like hot cocoa and marshmallows
like a special fork and spoon
baby, you're my perfect pear

could not have said it better. he is the perfect fit into our little family and we love this little life more than we every knew we could.

happy birthday harold milo high.


Monday, April 21, 2014

its birthday week for Harry

IMG_3569IMG_3667IMG_3746IMG_3725 this saturday harry turns ONE! i just can't believe that these pictures were taken almost one year ago. just does not seem right, but at the same time i wouldn't change anything. harry is at the funnest age right now! we are going to have a fun week and weekend celebrating our little guy!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

harry {11 months}

two weeks from today our baby will be one. one! not even possible. i know every one says it and thinks it but i really can't wrap my mind around the fact we will have a one year old soon. harry still seems like such a baby to us. he is so tiny and loves to be held and snuggled and feels more like an 8 month old rather than an 11 month old. and i love it. i have cherished every moment of him, not knowing if he might be our last baby. i can't imagine not having more (at least one more) baby, but we can't know what god has planned for our famil.


harold milo, at 11 months old you:
  • are the sweetest of sweet babies. never have i ever known a sweeter baby than you! 
  • are a heart. breaker. for sure. so adorable with your blonde hair and blue eyes. 
  • finally got a tooth. one tiny little tooth on the bottom right. 
  • had an ear infection last month and had to take your first antibiotic. you were kind of a weenie, the doctor said it not me. but you loved the medicine. 
  • are not walking or standing on your own. and you have no desire to do so. 
  • weigh 18 pounds and are 28" tall. you are perfectly proportionate. little, only in the 8th percentile, but proportionate. 
  • loooooooooooove your big sister and have started getting into her things, which drives her crazy but is fun to watch. 
  • are still a mama's boy. but you love your daddy too, very much. 
  • are an animal lover for sure. you have yet to meet a dog that scares you. you let them all lick your face and whack you with their tails. 
  • have a bit of a temper. and you are a bit of a screamer. i think you've picked up some of your sister's bad habits. 
  • put every single thing in your mouth. 
  • love food. all types of food. you could sit in your highchair all day and be completely content. 
  • are a joy to our family and to everyone you meet.

this is such a fun age....something new and different every day. and harry is developing the best little personality. i see so much of elle in his personality and demeanor. i am afraid i am going to have 2 kids that run circles around me.

we are so blessed by this little life. can't imagine him not a part of our family. he makes life that much sweeter every single day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

harry boy {9 & 10 months}

in a few short days (6 to be exact) harry will turn 11 months old, so i thought i better do a little update before the next monthly milestone....

Harry9months01 Harry9months02Harry10months01
this is the best picture i could get at 10 months.... he was not having any of it. way too busy for that.

i mean, seriously? i am not sure it gets much cuter than this right here. not any sweeter either. i know he is mine and i am extremely biased, but i don't think i have been around a sweeter baby. even at 10 months old when they start to seem more like toddlers than babies, he still seems all baby to me.

he looooooooves to snuggle and be held. he literally melts into you when you pick him up. it is my favorite.

he is into things but not destructive in the least bit.

could live in his highchair because he loves to eat. anything. i haven't introduced a food to him that he doesn't like. he seems to get choked on raw broccoli, but loves it steamed. favorites foods are bananas, strawberries, eggs, greek yogurt and chicken. he eats 2 bananas a day. we used to throw away bananas because they would go bad (beyond the point of using for baking) and now i can't keep bananas in our house. i have to buy them a little ripe because he eats them so fast.

no teeth. not a one. can't imagine how much he'll be able to eat once he finally does get a tooth. we think he is teething but so far it hasn't been too bad. we'll have an off night every once in a while and we always chalk it up to teething, but who really knows?

not walking or standing on his own, nor does he have any desire too. he has spaghetti legs.

such a good sleeper! which is the best thing ever. i am so so thankful that he loves his crib and sleep. he sleeps 10-12 hours a night, wakes up early in the morning (5:00-6:00) and i nurse him and he goes right back to sleep for a couple of hours, wakes up, eats breakfast and is ready for his morning nap around 10:00 and sleeps for 2-3 hours every morning with a short, hourish long, nap in the late afternoon. and goes to bed around 6:30-7:30 every night. without a fuss. its wonderful.

loooooooves his sister, and thinks she is the funniest person in the world. they play so good together and elle is such a helper with him. i'll block off a place for them to play and watch tv in the living room while i do laundry or clean house and they will play so hard together. harry is so entertained by elle. he wants to be doing whatever she is doing.

jibber jabbers a lot!.....says words like dada, momma, sissy, dog, hi, bye bye, eyes... 

mommy's boy! and i love it so much.
this boy has stolen our hearts. my heart, his daddy's heart, and his sister's heart. he is beyond precious. i read back and i made him sound like the perfect baby and he really is. i would have 10 babies if i knew they would all be as easy and sweet as him.

can't believe in 5 weeks we will have a one year old. this year has flown by faster than i could have ever imagined it would. we are so thankful for this little life. he is one precious baby boy.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

{berry} cute valentines

photo 3photo 1photo 4photo 2

we went with the whole berry theme for valentines for e's friends at school! we just can't get enough of strawberries lately. i think we are a little ready for summer!!
my sister-in-law, holly, made the cookies. aaron designed the labels. elle and i assembled the baggies. she was so excited to give these to her friends today at school! 

i am so lucky to be surrounded by such creative and talented people!

***if you follow me on instagram (@elleollieshop), i am so sorry for the redundancy of these pictures :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

4th birthday celebrations!

Elle4day01 E4day010
we started off the morning with a few presents and breakfast of elle's choice:
french toast, bacon and strawberries.

then we ate lunch at her favorite restaurant (chickfila) and went bowling. harry started running a fever late morning, so we couldn't take him with us...
but it was fun spending the day with just the birthday girl. 
(and sorry for picture quality, we forgot the good camera at home and these are all taken with my iphone) 

we closed out the evening with my parents, my brother and his sweet girlfriend at a mexican restaurant. we had yummy food, cake and elle got to open a few more presents. 

it was a such a great day!

saturday we had a fun 4th birthday party for our girl at the skating rink. 
all her favorites came and she had the best time ever!

4 years old. just like that, she turned four. we had many celebrations and loved getting to really spoil our sweet girl this year. she loved every second of it!  elle is such a sweet and fun loving child. we are so blessed to call her ours! now, this next year can just creep by because i think that 5 might officially kill me.... babies don't keep.


Friday, February 7, 2014

our 4 year old


our elle louise turned four tuesday. four! 

this girl is pure sweetness, with a little sass thrown in. and smart smart smart. i know she is mine and that of course, we all think our child is the prettiest and smartest or whatever, but i'm not kidding when i say this girl is smart. she is going places.

we celebrated her big day with presents, bowling, dinner and cake. and we have a big strawberry shortcake roller skating party tomorrow! i will have many more pictures to share!

i'm still not sure how the past four years went by so fast. it's mind blowing really. we are so so so very thankful for this sweet 4-year old and are so very blessed to be her parents. she brings us so much joy and laughter.