Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the beach....

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this year we went to cape san blas, florida and made some wonderful memories.

the kids had the best time and were so easy. elle loved the ocean and spent the majority of her time playing with her big cousin, rachel. harry wasn't sure of the ocean but wasn't bother by the sand. the first few days we were there the tide came in really close to the house and made these nice, shallow, pools on the beach. both of the kids loved playing in them.

the beach is by far my favorite place to vacation! and i love going with my family. its actually relaxing and so laid back. we only left the house to get groceries and ate out one night. so there was no putting on make up, no getting dressed...we pretty much lived in our bathing suits the whole week.

we can't wait to go back to cape san blas!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

first birthday party


party details. fun and colorful. i have to admit i was a little flustered setting up so i didn't get as many pictures as i would have liked before all the party go-ers arrived. elle opened the spout on the lemonade dispenser and lemonade went everywhere and we weren't prepared with the food and it was just a bit stressful.... not that it should have been but i'm bit of a perfectionist. along with all the sweets we had a hot dog bar! that was fun and i wish i would have gotten pictures of it. oh well.

oh we had harry's party at a local park and it was FREE to rent the gazebo. so pretty sure this is the cheapest we've ever thrown a birthday party. and pretty sure every one of harry's birthday will be at this gazebo. it was so cute!


the happiest of happy birthday boys! all smiles. all the time. such a joy! he crawled around, greeted guests and let any one hold him. he loved being the center of attention.


and the epic smash cake scene. i really have no words. it was hilarious. he devoured it!

one more post:::: THE BEACH. and then i'm caught up on life.

just in time to start a NEW BLOG. more on that later, but i'm super pumped!!!!


harry high turns O N E


{you know its the second child, when you buy all their first birthday gifts in the dollar bin at target. you live. you learn. we bought him just enough to fit in 2 gift bags and we added lots of tissue paper. he had so much fun throwing all the tissue paper out of the bags!}

the day he turned one we didn't do much. went to lunch and took his monthly pictures at the u of a campus. we had a fun day hanging out just the four of us, loving on our sweet boy!


i made harry a birthday cake on his actual birthday because i wanted him to have cake on his birthday. he devoured the slice i gave him.

just wait until you see what he did to his smash cake at his birthday party!


harry high {16 months old}

i am officially the worst blogger, and um mother, ever. 4 months have passed since harry turned ONE and i have yet to blog his monthly milestones or blog about his adorable first birthday party.

 no time like the present so today is the day....


busy. busy. busy. the boy does not stop moving and that hasn't changed in the last four months!

at a year old harry was not walking but still everywhere. only had 2 teeth. and ate everything in sight.

since turning a year old, h has sprouted his top 2 teeth and started walking.

trying to remember being a year and really not much has changed since then. his schedule may be a little different and he's definitely grown a lot more curious in the passing months.

but he is still the sweetest baby boy ever. maybe a little dramatic. ok, probably a lot dramatic (compared to his big sister at this age.....) but still so sweet.

just a baby turning into a boy and figuring his little world out. its pretty awesome to be a part of!!


elle wanted in on the action. made for some cute pictures.

next up: harry's big day and his actual birthday party!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

happy birthday harry!

photo 2(29)photo 3(22)

so, today harry turned one. it seemed only fitting that he wear his first polo and a pair of chino shorts. i died....because he is the cutest thing ever!

harry got a new book for his birthday. it goes something like this:

we belong together like smitten little mittens
like peanut butter & jelly
like a pencil is drawn to paper
like bacon & eggs every day
like hot cocoa and marshmallows
like a special fork and spoon
baby, you're my perfect pear

could not have said it better. he is the perfect fit into our little family and we love this little life more than we every knew we could.

happy birthday harold milo high.


Monday, April 21, 2014

its birthday week for Harry

IMG_3569IMG_3667IMG_3746IMG_3725 this saturday harry turns ONE! i just can't believe that these pictures were taken almost one year ago. just does not seem right, but at the same time i wouldn't change anything. harry is at the funnest age right now! we are going to have a fun week and weekend celebrating our little guy!