Monday, April 4, 2011

ombre hair...

have you seen the ombre look? i've been seeing it everywhere and i love it. but, to be frank, i am poor and can't afford to pay salon price to have a professional do it. so, i decided to give it a try at home. this is the look that i was going for...

ombre hair mood board

i approached jessica, who is a hairdresser, and she did some research on you tube and sent me a tutorial video. i watched it and followed it verbatim.

my hair before:

ombre hair before

little fyi, it was really hard getting a good picture of my hair color. aaron was out of town at the time that i did this or i would have had him take a picture. these pictures are so silly. i am sorry about that...

prepping. processing.

i wore a trash bag, prepared the color per the box directions, put color on the top half of my hair, ate some iced animal cookies and let the color set for about 30 minutes. i used garnier herbashine color. i am allergic to ammonia (shocking, i know. not like its pure toxins or anything.). so i chose an ammonia-free product. my scalp still reacted a little bit, but not nearly as bad when i use a product that is ammonia-based.

ombre hair after
i may or may not have airbrushed my face. ha ha. i luuuuuurve picnik.

and, the finished product. this is the best picture i have as of late. my hair is not as dramatic as i was hoping, so jessica is going to bleach the ends for me for more of an ombre effect! i also parted my hair down the middle today, and i'm really loving it! i'm trying new things with my hair while i'm growing it out. so, i don't get the urge to chop it all off! happy monday!


  1. it looks awesome! but yes I'm excited to make the ends lighter!

  2. oh i love it! the change is subtle but still noticeable.
    i've been wanting to do the ombre look for a while now but i think i'm still working up the courage to do it because my hair is pretty blonde right now.

  3. LOVE IT! And hate you for looking so adorable pre-hair treatment. SERIOUSLY???

  4. You're so cute you kill me. It isn't even right KB!!!!!!!!!

  5. looks great!!! I love guilliana rancic (sp) ombre hair!


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