Sunday, December 9, 2012

baby #2 {19 weeks}


i'm blurry, and i should have taken my jacket off but you get the gist. growing growing growing. it's going to be so much fun to see how elle grows in 34 weeks too (started pics at 6 weeks). she is definitely changing and maturing so much! and she is so excited about her brother! i mean, can't ya tell in the picture?!

i haven't shared his name yet and i'm not sure why but i guess now is as good of time as any...

harold milo! and we will call him harry! he will be the 4th generation of harolds on aaron's side. aaron's first name, dad's first name and grandpa's name is harold. we call him harry but for some reason elle wants to call him harold. its so cute hearing her talk about baby harold!

20 weeks on tuesday. so hopefully, most definitely halfway through this pregnancy (midwife said i could go to at least 42 weeks. eeek.). its flying by


  1. i think you just have a basketball under your dress ;) so cute! and elle is darling!

    love the name! so precious to keep the name going :)

    1. thank you kimberley! the bump definitely feels a lot bigger than a basketball. HA!


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