Saturday, January 19, 2013

baby #2 {25 weeks}

it has been a doozy of a week. started getting sick tuesday morning. went to work and decided to go ahead and stay home on wednesday. and for the rest of the week for that matter. i knew my immunities had to be down, so we stayed around the house for the most part. didn't want to chance picking something like the flu up. i took elle to ballet only because she was being such a trooper cooped up with me all day. i did nothing. went from the bed, to the couch, to her toddler bed all day. i felt so sorry for elle. but she was so sweet and took great care of me. she knew her momma was feeling puny. i finally started feeling better yesterday and today i feel like myself. still have that exhaustion looming but other than that feeling good. and, so glad to be feeling good. and, so so glad that i didn't get the worst of what everyone seems to be getting! its so yuck. ready for this time of the year to be over!


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