Tuesday, January 7, 2014

westcliffe family vacation


we spent a few days at my grandparents' home in colorado the week after christmas. it was a good time. some of our family that lives in louisiana and alabama were there so it was fun getting to spend lazy days with them.

aaron got to go skiing one day with my cousins and he really enjoyed it. but other than that we didn't do much, hung out at the house, ate a lot and shopped a little!

i can't say it was the most relaxing trip i've ever been on......let's just say harry is a home body and not much of a traveler, so i was more than ready to be home and back to our routine. and he was very ready to sleep in his crib. he didn't sleep one night through and was never settled in the car, coming or going. it made for long days and a long 14 hour trip.

nonetheless, we look forward to another week of colorado snow and winter next year. so blessed to have this little home away from home.


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  1. So jelly!! I love being in Colorado! Looks like it was a perfect get away minus little Harry being unsettled.


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