Wednesday, February 12, 2014

4th birthday celebrations!

Elle4day01 E4day010
we started off the morning with a few presents and breakfast of elle's choice:
french toast, bacon and strawberries.

then we ate lunch at her favorite restaurant (chickfila) and went bowling. harry started running a fever late morning, so we couldn't take him with us...
but it was fun spending the day with just the birthday girl. 
(and sorry for picture quality, we forgot the good camera at home and these are all taken with my iphone) 

we closed out the evening with my parents, my brother and his sweet girlfriend at a mexican restaurant. we had yummy food, cake and elle got to open a few more presents. 

it was a such a great day!

saturday we had a fun 4th birthday party for our girl at the skating rink. 
all her favorites came and she had the best time ever!

4 years old. just like that, she turned four. we had many celebrations and loved getting to really spoil our sweet girl this year. she loved every second of it!  elle is such a sweet and fun loving child. we are so blessed to call her ours! now, this next year can just creep by because i think that 5 might officially kill me.... babies don't keep.



  1. I love it! Sydney just turned four in September and I already feel like her birthday is coming way too fast. We just signed her up for preschool.

    1. the years just fly by!!! its so bittersweet. i just signed E up for preschool too! but its just a 2-day program :)

  2. aww, can't get over how cute your babes are! I love E's sweet pig tails!


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