Friday, February 7, 2014

our 4 year old


our elle louise turned four tuesday. four! 

this girl is pure sweetness, with a little sass thrown in. and smart smart smart. i know she is mine and that of course, we all think our child is the prettiest and smartest or whatever, but i'm not kidding when i say this girl is smart. she is going places.

we celebrated her big day with presents, bowling, dinner and cake. and we have a big strawberry shortcake roller skating party tomorrow! i will have many more pictures to share!

i'm still not sure how the past four years went by so fast. it's mind blowing really. we are so so so very thankful for this sweet 4-year old and are so very blessed to be her parents. she brings us so much joy and laughter.


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  1. She is seriously so cute! Happy birthday sweet girl! I am sure today was a blast!! We like to do something big and fun on her birthday and then have a party with friends.a skate party looks so fun!


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